No customer would really like to cancel any order witch they have selected after so much browsing and consideration unless they have any genuine reason.

We @chandrabazaar, understand the scenarios and want to ease the process for our valued customer.

If you want to cancel any order, you simply have to login to your account and cancel the order from there, also, please shoot us a quick mail to with the reason why did you have canceled the order so that we can improve our services for the future if the reason of cancelation is concerned from chandrabazaar services.

If you have payed for the order already, we’ll insure your full refund as soon as possible by the the bank transfer or other suitable and permissible methods like gift cards and alternative products etc with our mutual considerations.

If you have payed in advance, please do share your account details along with the cancelation mail. The refund will be issue with in 3 working days after you successfully canceled or returned the order.