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Polo Bowl with Lid 1580 ml 1 piece

this is the biggest size of the polo Series 's bowl, what special in it? the product is design to store any kind of products in it, and the airetyte feature insures that the quality of things kept Learn More

Yera Minty Bowl with Lid 4 pieces 230 ml

butiful, atractive. Yera presence The smallest lidded bowl in the YERA range and we call it Minty! is so called because of its diminutive size. This multi purpose bowl can be used to store Learn More


this is all about style! so here comes a butifully crafted Irish Bowl is designed with cut-glass like facets and a matching glass lid for placement as a decorative yet utilitarian accessory on Learn More

Freezowarm Bowl with Lid BS401 -2 pieces

keep fresh, eat fresh, stay fresh! built on the same philosophy , Freezowarm is ideal for storing freshly cooked food and leftovers in the refrigerator to be subsequently removed for microwave Learn More


india and tradition has a deep linking in all ways, so understanding the tradition along with mordenization, Yera International takes insparation from traditional Indian bowls and containers woven Learn More

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