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Lyra hunter beer mug(3pieces)

hunt with the style with this 375 smart looking eligent beer mug and make your parties a wonderful memories. Learn More


LYRA, the Future Inspired Glassware has been created by M/s Excel House wares Pvt. Ltd as a Range of Extremely Stylish and Modern Glassware. Shapes and Designs developed to offer a Wide Assortment of Learn More

Polo Bowl with Lid 1580 ml 1 piece

this is the biggest size of the polo Series 's bowl, what special in it? the product is design to store any kind of products in it, and the airetyte feature insures that the quality of things kept Learn More

1 piece Yera Polo Bowl with Lid 1000 ml capacity

the big-size polo bowl is design to keep praktically anything inside, the airtyte bowl's quality is design to make sure that the product quality should not decreased Learn More

Polo Bowl with Lid 435 ml3 pieces

while designing this product, the following things were in mind, this time we thought to design one such bowl that should surve so many purposes altogether. The Polo range of multi-purpose Learn More

Apron with red check

Milk shakes and smoothies spill while you blend or pour them? Mix Lassi or Chhanch with full fun and freedom without making your clothes dirty or wet. The red, polyester apron guards your clothes Learn More

Yera Classic Tumbler T11FC 6 pieces 360 ml

Yera International understands that time changes, so the trend. therefore they made The Classic series. the classic series is a range of timeless designs that refuse to die out or fade away Learn More

Auburn Lake Beer Mugs – BM12O-M21 – 2 pieces 380 ml

Inspired by the golden tints of the very many beers available, the india-made brand YERA has created the Auburn Lake range in a variety of shapes and sizes. its not for someone, but for everyone, so Learn More

yera Classic Tumblers T10FB 6pieces

The Classic series by YERA is a range of timeless designs that refuse to die out or fade away despite change in times and trends. this one is perfect for your daly usage; fit for every need! Learn More


india and tradition has a deep linking in all ways, so understanding the tradition along with mordenization, Yera International takes insparation from traditional Indian bowls and containers woven Learn More

Yera Minty Bowl with Lid 4 pieces 230 ml

butiful, atractive. Yera presence The smallest lidded bowl in the YERA range and we call it Minty! is so called because of its diminutive size. This multi purpose bowl can be used to store Learn More

Ocean Tango Rock Tumbler 255ml

When guests come to your rocking home, serve them water or home-made juice rocking in style in this Tango Rock Tumbler Set made by the Ocean glasswares. the tango rock tumbler is ergonomically Learn More

Items 1 to 12 of 19 total

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